Weight Loss and Diabetes: Best Diet Plan for Success

Weight Loss and Diabetes Diet

Weight Loss and Diabetes: If you are overweight and have diabetes type 2, then you must work out a plan to reduce your weight and follow it sincerely.

It is very difficult to lose weight for people with diabetes because metabolism changes associated with blood sugar problems increase your appetite. It even slows down fat burning and increases fat storage.

On losing weight, your blood sugar level will be lowered and you will feel more healthy and better. Before following a weight loss plan, you must consult your doctor, because there will be a change in your blood sugar and insulin and you will need to be attended medically.

You can also take the help of a nutritionist or a diabetic educator. You need to prepare a meal plan that decides what you will include in your meal and snacks and what time you will take it. You have to follow the plan every day. According to that, you have to change your medication and insulin dosage if you are taking it.

According to the health survey by the National Institute of Health study, it is revealed that by following a proper diet and exercise for weight loss, the risk to develop diabetes is reduced by 58% for the nondiabetic people having high blood sugar levels.

Besides, low blood sugar levels, it also offers other health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, improved blood pressure, etc. It even reduces stress on your knee, hips, ankles, feet, etc.

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Following given are some of the guidelines you need to consider if you make and follow a diabetes weight loss plan.

1. Right balance of food:

You have to cut calories and you can go for 500 calories a day. For that, you have to maintain a proper ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. You can cut down carbs by 50%, fat by 30%, and protein by 10% to 15%. For a diabetic person, carbohydrate intake has the biggest effect on blood sugar level, as it breaks down into sugar earlier.

You need to eat complex carbs such as whole-grain bread, peanut butter, vegetables, etc. so that they will be absorbed slowly into the blood and it will reduce the risk of drastic changes in blood sugar levels.

Cutting down on much carbohydrates can cause metabolism to turn into ketosis and may lead to other health problems in the long run as it causes less oxygen to body tissues. Diabetics have to stick to a very balanced diet as the Atkin diet (low carbs high protein diet) is not advisable for them.

2. Challenges to a Diabetes Weight Loss Plan:

Losing weight is always challenging, but it is more challenging for the diabetic person. It is very difficult for people who have to inject insulin as they need to eat when they have low blood sugar. When you are reducing your calorie intake, you also have to reduce medication.

Low blood sugar occurs when you are on diet and if you have more insulin than needed, you can feel dizziness, shakiness, confusion, etc. If not taken care of, it can be dangerous and can cause fainting or in the worst case, it can lead to a coma stage. Be very careful with the correct dose of medication and diet.

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3. Exercise:

Exercise is very essential to a diabetic person and if you are following a weight loss program, it turns out very beneficial. It helps you maintain your blood sugar level. With the right exercise, you don’t even need to cut calorie intake much. Instead of 500 calories cut down, you can get the same result even by cutting down 200 to 300 calories.

Different exercises affect your blood sugar level and have different results. You have to take aerobic exercises such as walking, running, swimming, jogging, etc. A brisk walk of 20 minutes a day can work wonders. You must work out at least 5 days a week. Exercise like running or a treadmill workout can lower your blood sugar level immediately.

Strenuous exercise such as weight lifting can affect your blood sugar level not that immediately, but later. You have to monitor your blood sugar level regularly as physical activity burns blood sugar and the sugar stored in the liver as well as muscles. It is a good habit to carry some snacks with you such as biscuits, fruits, juice, etc.

With regular exercise, you will not only lose weight but your blood sugar level will also be better and probably you will reduce doses of medication and insulin. You can also take strength training once or twice a week.

If you are suffering from diabetes and have excess weight, in order to lose weight, you need to make a well-advised meal and exercise plan and get assisted medically. You consider the above-mentioned facts and lead a happy and healthy life. Read more articles on wink24news.

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