Tips To Stall IRS When It Collects Back Taxes

How To Stall IRS When It Collects Back Taxes?

Back taxes are those which have been unpaid when due. Generally, it accumulates interest and penalties on a regular basis. A law of the tax becomes more and more complicated day by day. Many taxpayers are not able to pay the tax amount as it increases than they owe. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has the great power to collect the tax which has been due by taking your wages, property charges or your bank account. Here are some tips given to stall IRS when it collects back taxes prescribed as under:

When the amount is due and you don’t pay it IRS starts its procedure to collect the amount which is owed by you. IRS first sent you a notice of the Service’s which intends to collect back taxes as well as the amount of interest or penalties accrued on it.

If you don’t give any response to this notice you will receive four notices. In this case, you must ask for an extension. Thereafter 45 days would be given to you. Even if during this period you have not paid the due taxes IRS will take a further step to collect back taxes.

You should further ask for 45 days to pay the dues. If you are unable to pay the due there are the options available for you like installment agreement in which you can pay a small amount of installment of your dues. One can seek for an offer in compromise in a certain situation. It allows the taxpayer to pay the less amount than the due to IRS.

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One can consult the tax professional who will give you proper ways to get out from your tax difficulty as they are well familiar with all areas of tax laws.

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