Which Type of Legal Fees can Deductible From Tax?

Whether Your Legal Fees are Deductable From Tax

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows taxpayers whether individuals or companies to deduct legal fees in a certain situation. So the question is which type of legal fees can deductible from tax? Here are the guidelines were given which legal fees could be deducted as prescribed below.

The first criteria to deduct legal fees must incur through the process of your business operations. IRS set some guidelines to allow taxpayers for the deduction of the legal fees as they are the bona fide business expenditures. You should first determine whether the fees are personal fees or business fees.

It is very difficult to determine the expenses whether it’s a personal or business especially when home based business expense. In this case, you should allocate the appropriate portion of the expenses to the business expenditures and remain to the personal expenses.

If you are individual tax payer you can deduct your professional expenses as a miscellaneous item on your Schedule A. If you run the business you can deduct your business expenses on IRS Form 1040 Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ.

Generally, your tax attorney’s fees are also tax deductible if it relates to producing or collect taxable income or to determine or getting any tax refunds. If you are not able to know whether you are eligible to deduct tax professional’s fees you should consult with your tax professional about it. If it is deductible ask him/her to make a billing statement of his/her charge of professional service which was provided to you.

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Here are some examples given that what kinds of Legal Fees can be deducted as prescribed below:

  • Fees for advice on tax planning
  • Fees for preparing a tax return
  • Fees for representation in a tax audit
  • Cost of tax preparation software, tax related books, and other publications
  • Fees for legal counsel on tax issues

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