Walgreenslistens.com/survey 2021 : Customer Feedback Survey Winners List

Enter Walgreens Listens Survey and Win the Grand $3000 Sweepstakes Prize

Walgreens, the most reliable platform to find prescription refills, drugs, health supplements and other pharmaceutical services, works even further to gather the customer feedback. Online survey companies have taken customer feedback survey and employee satisfaction survey, here we will discuss on Walgreens listens survey 2021. The initiative helps the authorities to improve the services and assure greater privilege for the customers. If you are US citizen, then the Walgreenslistens.com/survey to win $3000 can be of great interest to you.

How to Take Part in the Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

You can complete the survey form at walgreenslistens.com. There are few categories where you need to fill the information taking only a couple of minutes to complete the entire survey. Whenever you purchase any products or services at the Walgreens, keep all the details for future correspondence. During the survey, you may need to provide these details. Let’s check Walgreenslistens survey 2021. Your information should be accurate for all the categories.

Follow these simple steps to participate in the Walgreens cash prize survey program:

  1. Purchase any of the products or services at the Walgreens official website
  2. Visit the walgreenslistens.com, and enter the adequate information on the homepage
  3. Once you submit the information, click the ‘Start’ button to proceed. There will be further directions on how to proceed with the survey. Upon successful completion of the survey, your entry will be eligible for random selection.
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Note: Only completed survey forms with accurate information in the concerned fields will be considered eligible for the contest.

Why Participate in the Walgreens Feedback Survey

Walgreens offers a decent reward to one of the participants with a whopping cash prize of $3000. The winner is randomly selected from the entire list of participants. There are no limits to the number of entries; you can fill at the Walgreens feedback survey. If you have made multiple purchases, you can make a separate entry after each purchase. This further increases your chances of winning the cash reward.

Terms and Conditions for Participating in the Walgreens Sweepstakes

You can participate in the Sweepstakes cash prize only after purchasing any of the products and services at Walgreens. You can participate in the Walgreens Sweepstakes survey for the $3000 cash prize only if you are a US citizen. The residents of Puerto Rico cannot participate in this survey. The authorities have provided a separate page containing the privacy policy and the rules of the sweepstakes contest. Before proceeding to participate in the cash prize survey, read the Sweepstakes rules and the privacy policy very carefully to ensure you comply with all the requirements. Failing this, your candidature in the participation may not be considered.

There is no minimum or maximum limit of sending the entries available for daily participation. Always ensure to send your entries before the expiry date. At the bottom of the page, you can see the links to the ‘Privacy Policy’ and the ‘Sweepstakes Rules’. Read all the documents carefully before filling your survey form to avoid the mistakes.

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Walgreens Sweepstakes Winner List

Walgreens survey winners list 2021: The company publish the winner’s name on the walgreenslistens.com website. The draw is conducted every month and you can click the ‘Sweepstakes Winner’ link at the bottom of the page to see all the names of the winners in terms of a month.

Some Parting Words

Always take note of the fact that Walgreens expect all the customers to enter exact and true information during the survey. The company leverages strict efforts to improve the processes and services to serve the customers at the best of their benefits. Only a single recipient is eligible to win the cash prize of $3000 in the Sweepstakes draws organized from time to time preferably once a month. Before you enter the details in the form, take note of the expiry of the contest.

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