Kindle Book Return for Refund Policy 2021 : After Reading or Ordered by Mistake

Amazon Kindle Book Return for Refund Policy 2021

Things to Know about the Amazon Kindle Book Return Policy before Buying

Are you an ardent reader all set to explore the widest stocks at the Amazon digital ebook store? Well, if you are looking for affordable ebooks in huge quantities, Kindle bookstore is the best place to find your stuff. You can purchase books on many topics by famous authors and much more. Some books attract the readers by exaggerated promotions and titles. They may not always have valuable content inside. Herein is a short overview of the Amazon Kindle book return policy 2021 so that you can send back the newly purchased ebook seeking refund. Help for if you ordered by mistake, accidentally bought or return after you read it.

Basic Conditions for Returning Amazon Kindle Books

The Amazon Kindle Book return system applies only to the ebooks purchased at the Kindle store. If you do not like the book or have any issue with the content, the Kindle will allow returning the book and seek the refund. There is a time span of 7 days from the date of purchasing the book to return and ask for the refund.

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The customer must send a book return and refund request as per the permissible format within this span for quick processing.

How to Return Kindle Books and Ask for Refund?

This is one of the frequently asked questions, the buyers ask on forums and social media. Follow the steps below to send a return request at Amazon Kindle.

  • • Visit the webpage
  • • In the ‘Your Content’ section, there will the list of all books purchased at the Kindle store. Click on the ‘Actions’ button located next to the book title you want to return.
  • • Select the option ‘Return for Refund’ in the pop-up window

Get More Power as a Buyer with Kindle Book Return and Refund Provision

Many ebooks are stuffed with poor contents, irregular formatting, and other technical faults. This is a big concern, as it is impossible to know about it before buying. The return policy is a favorable condition for dedicated customers on the website. The 7-day extended return policy gives you enough time to think about these issues and claim a refund.

Authors’ Dilemma with the 7 Day Return Policy

The 7 days period is a long duration to get access to the whole content of the ebook. This can be an easy situation for tricky buyers who may read the entire book and return them. The instance is very common and increasingly posing threat to the writers and contributor depriving them of the royalty money for all the hard work.

Some Facts to Consider about the Amazon Kindle Book Return Policy

Ebooks are available for download once you complete the purchase formalities. It is very unethical if you purposely return the book after reading the entire content just to save money. If you repetitively continue to return Kindle books, Amazon may not give the due refund or even block the account on the eCommerce portal.

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Once a customer returns the Kindle ebook, there will be no option to read the book any further. Take your decisions very precisely to avoid frequent book returns. Kindle eReaders allow the users to set up the parental controls on the device. This feature helps the users to prevent accidental book downloads. The Fire Tablet users can also access this feature to prevent similar consequences.


The Amazon Kindle book return policy gives the power to genuine buyers to ask for the refund in case they do not find the book useful or have other issues with the content. These terms and conditions are mandatory to follow. Any possible violation or manipulation attempting to use the contents anywhere or else can attract legal action.

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