What Apple may gift its customers in near Future? iPhone 7?

Apple iPhone 7 Price Deals 2017

iPhone 7 Price Deals 2017: Smartphones need no introduction. When the brand Apple is associated with a smartphone it increases the excitement more. Apple launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus in 2015 and like their other launches these twos were superhits in the market. According to sources, Apple aims to unveil iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se and a new Apple watch in March 2015. But still when the company has made no announcements regarding iPhone 7 people have already started talking about it.

Lots of rumors are already in the air for same. It’s been expected that Apple will launch its new iPhone7 in September 2016. Actually, iPhone 5 was launched in 2012 on September 21 and 6s and 6s plus on September 25, 2015. So it is predicted that company may launch iPhone 7 in September 2016 but a bit earlier.

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As told earlier, Apple itself has made no announcements but whatever rumors and details are talked about here are coming from AppleInsider whose past details were proved right. It is presumed that iPhone7 will have the sleek appearance. For this, the set will have probably no rear antenna bands and camera hump. Though the antenna will be present on sides. May be a thinner camera module is being introduced. According to reports, the antenna will be present only on upper and lower edges. This minute changes will actually demand a lot of hard work.

According to information by Ming-chi Kuo, the iPhone 7 Plus will have dual camera configuration optics. Kuo had sent a researched detail to his security clients informing them the use of the enhanced camera with dual lens. The tech used comes from an Israeli company named Linx, bought by Apple in 2015. This tech helps to capture better quality photos. According to Kuo Apple will use 2 Sony sensors.

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Kuo manages to get all information from his Asia’s network of insiders. According to him, Apple will launch iphone6c model in near future. The iPhone 6c will have gen A9 processor which will make it a little cheaper than iPhone 7. It will not have a 3D Touch display.

Obviously, after reading this you, must be wondering about the design of iPhone 6c and iphone7. It is being predicted that next c phones will be metal build as compared to the plastic ones. But the actual results are in the hands of designing teams and others head. I, you and all can just pre-assumed things but we actually have to wait and watch what next Apple has in store for its ever excited customers.

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