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Country Living House Plans of the Year

Made of four walls, two windows, flooring, and ceiling, you will call this a perfect home? Are you sure that you don’t need any more rather than these? No, these are not enough. We can’t call this type of home a dream home or perfect home to live in. Get all details about country living house plans of the year on

Without giving a proper look to the home, without interior or designing home, it can’t be a dream home. However, designing and decorations are depending on choice and affordability of the owner of the house. This is what about who have already a house but just need to decorate it but what about people who are planning to buy a new house?

Generally, when it comes to the house we all think of a beautiful house with attractive interior, garden, terrace etc, but we never think of something new or different. Yes, you can make your dream home different from others.

However, it depends on the creativity and ideas of what type of different house you want. Now the question is from where you can get such ideas then let us help you in this. For amazing house plans ideas you can get from Country Living. Let’s see here below what this Country Living is actual.

About Country Living:

Cottage Living House Plans
Best Country Living House Plans

Generally, we take help of architects when planning to make a new house or renovate the already exist, right? For sure the architects will give you different ideas and will show plans for your house, but maybe there will not something that makes your house different and attractive than others. But there is a magazine from where you can get innovative ideas for house plans. Country Living is the name of this magazine. It is an American lifestyle and decorating magazine.

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Hearst Corporation is the publisher of the Country Living magazine. In the year 1978, a month of October, the first issue of magazine launched. The production office of the magazine is situated in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. This magazine is available in English language only. Rachel Hardage Barrett is current editor of Country Living magazine. County Living believes that where you live is more important than how you live. And that is why they invite their readers to celebrate a lifestyle implementation home, food, family, and entertaining.

Here you will get many innovative ideas for decorating your house along with other categories. As per the demand of the subject, here we will focus on the house plans offer by County Living. So let’s see here below some of the different and innovative house plans of Country Living.

Country Living House Plans:

Best Country Living House Plans of the Year

There are different types of house plans including country farmhouse plans, low country house plans, and French country house plans. Each of them features modern interiors with facilities and design essentials that give you a comfortable lifestyle.

Country living house plans hold American style and charm. Well, there is a wide range of house plans available with Country Living, maybe it will time-consuming job to search house as per your criteria.

That is why you can find a house plan by giving some details like Minimum square foots, maximum square foots, maximum width, maximum depth, the number of bedrooms you want, the number of bathrooms you want etc. this will narrow your search and you can view the available choices within your given criteria only.

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There are numbers of options for house plans to choice from like Tiny house, dream bungalow etc. you can choose from them as per your need. Total area and the facilities of the house depend on what type of house you are choosing. Like if you are selecting tiny house then obviously area wise it will be small in compare to a bungalow or other type of houses.

Some of the country living house includes Ranch House plans, New American House plans, Craftsman House plans, Bungalow House plans, Cottage House plans and more. All these are different from each other. All of them have their own features. As per your affordability and requirement, you can select the type of house. Everyone have their own requirement and choice. Some like to have a big bedroom and living area while some like to go with broad kitchen space. From above-given options of different house plans, you can choice easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Where else you will get such helpful information regarding house plans, decorating and more? If you still not have subscribed to Country Living magazine then don’t waste time anymore. Visit the official website and there is an option for online subscription. All you have to fulfill the subscription form and submit online. As it’s a monthly magazine you will get your copy every month regularly.

If you have any question then there is a customer service page available on the website. from there for sure you will get the solution of your query.

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So, go for the subscription of Country Living magazine now!

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