Netflix Ratings: Rate Movies and TV Shows

Meaning and Working of Netflix Ratings

Netflix needs no introduction when comes to streaming movies and TV series. All our searches and their ratings and recommendations are so precise that we many times ponder how is it possible. The more you use Netflix your suggested content will be more relevant.

When you go through a movie page you see the rating given to the movie. This rating is not the average rating by all the users of Netflix. This actually shows what other users who have similar taste as yours thought of the movie. Hence, it may happen that rating of the same movie differs in your friends account as compared to yours. The whole procedure is quite interesting.

Netflix groups users who have similar tastes together. This makes the recommendation algorithm more helpful. So if two particular shows have 1-star rating Netflix is trying to say that users having similar taste as yours have not liked the shows at all.

Netflix Star Ratings/ Consumer Reports
Netflix Movies and TV Shows

Netflix allows their user to rate movies and TV shows on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is low rating and 5 the highest. Star in red colour is Netflix rating and the ones in yellow colour indicate rating given by you. The more you rate movies and TV shows more precise suggestions will be given.

When a user rate movies and TV shows they help Netflix to filter thousands of selection and give what that user would like to watch. For this certain factors are consider such as the genres of movies and TV shows available, users search history and previous ratings and the combined rating of all the users having similar taste.

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It is easy to guess now how Netflix keeps its users content. This reason makes it popular and favourite among movies and TV show streaming users. No wonder why Netflix has 75 million subscribers.

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