Viewing 3D Movie on a Phone with Super Multi-View Technique: Widespread 3D based Applications

New Technology to make 3D Viewing on Smartphones Easier

Get ready to enjoy the world of 3D on your smartphone without discomfort! A team of scientist from China has developed a thin display with the new technique called “super multi-view technique”.

Existing technology makes viewing of 3D movie on a phone very uncomfortable and it is the biggest hurdle preventing the development of application based on 3D technology. The new technique will provide comfortable visual 3D effects and open frontiers to widespread 3D based applications.

3d Tour Viewer Android
Widespread 3D based Applications

When we view an object with natural eyes, there is a correlation between vergence and accommodation responses with the eye which makes the object clearly visible and comfortable. When it comes to 3D viewing on a conventional display, there is a vergence-accommodation conflict and blurry image is formed and it causes 3D viewing experience not pleasurable.

The researcher’s team has proposed to solve it by a solution to project numerous 2D perspective views that help image display naturally. Display with the newer technology will be thinner.

The prototype system they have proposed consists of 11 units of light emitting diode microdisplay, projecting lens and liquid crystal panel attached to it, two vertical baffles and a group of gating apertures. The prototype system is being tested to know viewer’s reactions.

The new technology offers promising future and soon you are going to get smartphones with new versatile 3D technology!

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