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Make Payment at ERC’s Customer Center Online – ERC debt collection: Many prefer to have account with Management Company that allows effective management of their accounts receivable cycle. It is very attractive if this account can be managed online. ERC, Enhanced Recovery Company provides a wide range of customer service online and is very beneficial. To make use of this service, customer has to register at ERC’s Interactive Customer Centre for it. The registration process is simple and fast and takes few minutes; the customer has to just providepersonal information.

Once registered with the enhanced recovery company service, one needs to login to avail the online service. With this service, one can view the account details, set up payment terms, make payment and confirm it; sign up for receiving an online account statements subscription and getconsulting service and even chat with available representative online for assistance or even can send e-mail. So, to better manage your ERC account, go for online account. It is reliable and very secure also.

About the Enhanced Recovery Company

The ERC, Enhanced Recovery Company is a US account receivable management and collection agency operating since 1999. It is headquartered in Florida. It provides solutions in customer experience life cycle management. They are using business intelligence to provide solutions and are very innovative. ERC is recognized for playing a leading role in the ARM industry. It has more than 900 employees to help clients and has the best talent in the industry. ERC is very famous for its service and one of the most trusted one. ERC is the best management and to join for the customer centre account online is the smartest choice.

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How to register and make payments at ERC’s Customer Centre?


  1. You must have a computer with internet access.
  2. You need to have a reference number. It can be found on a letter or a voice mail you have received.

Step-By-Step Process

  1. Visit the ERC’s Interactive Customer Centre homepage. Go to the “First time logging in”.
  2. Enter the reference as required and then click “Submit” to continue.
  3. Finish the registration form as instructed. If there is any question, please find the ERC contact information.

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