Setup Multinet ResetPlug: Reset Your Router with WiFi Smartplug If It Fails

Got Network Problems? This WiFi Smartplug will Reset Your Router If It Fails

Multinet has introduced a smart plug known as ResetPlug that will restart your Wi-Fi router and modem when your connection fails. The ResetPlug constantly tests your Wi-Fi and if it finds connection unresponsive, resets the power every five minutes until the connection comes back.

The peripheral is just priced at $60. The ResetPlug is a simple solution that will help consumers from the need to power cycle their network equipment to fix it. It works by monitoring Wi-Fi that takes action if it goes offline.

The new ResetPlug sits between sits between the wall and a Wi-Fi modem/router. It can be ordered at company’s website or at

ResetPlug Handles Power Switch Hitting
Setup Multinet ResetPlug

According to company sources, it checks the internet connection by pinging the company website at once every minute. In case of failures, the plug then tries Google, Inc.’s servers, Bing, Hurricane Electric and Speakeasy and several other Internet hosts. It is based on 802.11n Wi-Fi technology. It can also connect to 802.11g and 802.11b routers that include the majority of routers. It works with modem/router. It can be coupled with a power strip that reset multiple devices.

The ResetPlug like devices come handy if you have a router that is faulty and sometimes just needs to be reset in order to get working again, but at the handsome price of $60.

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