Some Effective Home Remedies for Treating Hair Loss

How to Control Hair Fall through Home Remedies and Boost the Hair Regrowth

According to experts, it is normal to loss 50 to 100 strands of hairs every day. But if your loss is more than this, it is a matter of concerns. Many times hair loss is a sign of another medical problem in your body. Many medicines, shampoos and other products are available in market for curing this problem. However, there are many home remedies which work best to stop hair loss. Below are some of the products available at home that can prevent hair loss:

Onion Juice for Treating Hair Loss

Onions contain sulphur that help in hair growth. Onion juice can be applied on scalp and can help in controlling hair fall.

Chop the onions and squeeze the juice out. This juice should be applied on the scalp for 15 minutes. You should then wash hairs with mild shampoo and let it dry. This procedure should be repeated twice a week.

Heena to Control Hair Fall

Heena is actually a natural conditioner and is used to color hairs naturally. But when it is mixed with other products it can strengthen hairs from roots.

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In a 250 ml of mustard oil add washed and dried henna leaves around 60 gms. Let the leaves be burnt and mixture boiled. Now strain the oil and apply this oil on scalp and hairs. One gets better result on massaging this oil on scalp on regular intervals. Another way of making mask with heena is mixing dry heena with curd. Apply this on hairs and scalp. You have to wash your hairs after an hour.

Coconut to Boost the Hair Regrowth

Coconut is very beneficial for hair. It help in growth as well as for conditioning hairs. It prevents hair breakage. Coconut milk and oil both can be used.

Coconut oil should be warmed a little and then applied from roots to tip. One should wash hairs after an hour. You can grate the coconut and squeeze out its milk. Mix a Alittle water and apply this wherever you see balding and thinning.

Garlic Home Remedy for Treating Hair Loss

Garlic has been used in ancient medicines as it contains sulphur which promotes hair growth.

In a coconut oil add few crushed cloves of garlic and boil the mixture. After the mixture cools down you can apply it on scalp and leave for around 30 minutes and then wash your hairs. This is very effective and should be done at least twice a week.

Eggs for Hair Treatment

Eggs are rich source of sulphur, iodine, phosphorus, selenium and zinc. These factors are important growth boosters for hairs.

In a teaspoon of olive oil add white of one egg and beat it till you get a paste like consistency. Apply this mixture on hairs and scalp. Wash it off after 15 to 20 minutes with mild shampoo and cold water.

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Hibiscus for Hair Loss Remedy

Hibiscus not only controls hair fall but also prevent pre mature greying and treats dandruff too.

Make a paste by mixing few crushed hibiscus flowers with coconut oil or sesame.oil. Apply this paste on scalp and hair. Wash it off with mild shampoo and cold water.

Amla/Indian Gooseberry to Prevent Hair Loss

Amla is full of Vitamin C and antioxidants. These factors are able to reverse the hair loss if it is in the initial stage.

Mix amla powder or juice with lemon juice. Apply this mixture on scalp and allow it to dry. Wash it off with luke warm water.

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