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Previous year tax return online: Everybody needs to file a tax return and it is very difficult for a layman to understand and prepare it. Tax act is prepared to ease tax payer’s difficulty. It is available as software as well as online service. TaxACT offers questionnaires to answer and based on the answers provided, the tax return is prepared. The another method it offers is the client can fill up a form provided. TaxAct provides easy to understand common schedules, forms, and worksheets with help of which you can prepare and e-file tax returns for free. Here we check the guide for how to access prior year tax return and how to operate tax estimator.

The client can access prior year returns online through the website of TaxACT. One can also apply for one-time data archive service by paying $12.95 fee. To avail returns for earlier years, one needs to contact the IRS and follow the prompts in the recorded message place the request through the mail for Transcript of Return.

About TaxACT Software

TaxACT is an American tax preparation software as well as service being developed by 2nd Story software Development Company. It is available in online, as different software versions and as the tablet version. It provides for accuracy and the highest degree of completeness. The software and tablet versions available are a free edition, Deluxe, Ultimate and Home & Business. It also provides a suite of federal and state software for businesses and professional tax preparers.

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How to Access Prior Year Tax Returns at


  • You must have a computer with an access to the internet.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the website of TaxACT at
  2. Click on “Access Prior Year Returns” displayed at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the year for which you want to get access.
  4. If you have filed your tax return with TaxACT, you can “Sign In” and continue with your existing return.
  5. If you are a new user, click “Start Return”.
  6. Enter your email address, create your username and password, select a security question and set your answer, and then “Continue” button.
  7. Provide the required information as asked for your request, and pay the fee online to view and print your tax return.

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