Thyrocare Test Packages Reliability, Rates List and Reviews

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Review of Service Provided by Thyrocare

Thyrocare Test Reviews: To get the services offered by Thyrocare one has to simply log on to their site and click on the big banner that will take you to a form where you have to fill in your details and choose the package suiting your profile and select pickup date and time. You will also have to verify your cell number through OTP. This is done to avoid any fake bookings. Here we discuss on Thyrocare test packages reliability, rates list and reviews.

In our day to day life, which as such has become comfortable as compared to earlier times with all sorts of facilities, we like all times are not devoid of one or other kind of health ailments. We or our family members become victim to various health problems due to aging, eating outside, infections and all. Whenever we go to doctors for these ailments, the first thing he asks us is to have our blood test. These blood tests are quite expensive and in certain cases, these tests are part of a day to day routine.

Certain health conditions like diabetes, thyroid, kidney problems and much more, require blood tests done at regular intervals. In such cases, certain monthly income is spent on laboratories for such tests. We spend money, time and energy to go to labs. There are discounts on apparels, jewellery, footwears and all but hardly any discounts on our day to day, important tests in labs.

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So if you wish to have your or your family members, tests done at affordable prices, that’s too at a comfort of your home you can trust Thyrocare. Thyrocare is famous, reputed Preventive healthcare laboratory. Thyrocare is India’s fully automatic diagnostic Lab that does numbers of tests on a daily basis and because of this high number it is able to provide its customers with affordable test prices.

Thyrocare Test Report Online/ Reviews
Thyrocare Test Packages Reliability

For payment, you have two options. One you can pay immediately online after filling the form or also you can when the lab technician comes home to take your blood sample. Once the booking is done you will receive a confirmation SMS. One also receives an email that has complete detail of the package you have chosen, and all other details. You are also sending the name of the technician and name, who will come to your home, in the details.

Let us now have a look on why one should prefer Thyrocare rather than other labs. Few advantages of having tests done through Thyrocare are mentioned below:

  • Thyrocare provides free home service. So you can get your blood sample collected at your convenience.
  • You can do booking from any medium- call, email, whats app or through their website.
  • Your samples are tested in fully automated labs hence the results are fully reliable.
  • Reports once are ready are sent immediately by email. Later the hard copies are also sent.
  • You can SMS Thyrocare for cost, speed, quality or any other query.

Packages Offered by Thyrocare

Thyrocare offers four basic packages called the Aarogyam packages. These packages are a combination of different tests and covers almost all the tests a doctor can prescribe.

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My Experience with Thyrocare

I had heard about Thyrocare before but had not experienced their service. Recently, when I had tremendous pain in my entire body, my doctor asked me to go to a lab for four tests namely-TSH, Vit. D3 and Vit. B12 and Fasting Blood Glucose.

I called up our local famous lab to get an estimation of the above tests. I was told that I will be charged INR 400 for TSH, Rs. 1200 for Vit. D3, Rs. 500 for B12 and Rs. 50 for Fasting Blood Sugar which sums up to a total of Rs. 2150. I was neither ready to pay so much and nor was ready to go to the lab as I was not feeling well. As I had heard of Thyrocare, I called up one of the centers nearby my house to know the details. To my surprise the total of the tests which was Rs. 2150 according to my local lab, was reduced to just Rs. 1040 by Thyrocare.

As I was already fasting, I asked the technician on the other side whether he could come the same morning. You won’t believe I asked this at 10:00 am and the technician was at my door step at 11:00. He came with all the required materials, took my blood sample and informed me that the reports will be developed the next evening itself. By choosing Thyrocare I could save money and time as well.

I would surely recommend Thyrocare to my friends and relatives.

From my experience, I can say that Thyrocare does an excellent work. One can get the tests were done at the comfort of one’s home and that’s too at affordable price. Thyrocare also provides an excellent customer support.

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I would suggest that, if you or your dear one has to go through regular blood tests, then surely give Thyrocare a try. I am sure you will be satisfied with their work and would recommend it to others too just as I did.

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