Use WhatsApp without Internet Data: Free Chatting with How to Use Whatsapp without Internet Data Plan?

If you are a frequent traveller and love to remain connected with your friends, family or colleagues, you have reasons to cheer! Without being worried about internet connectivity and roaming charges, you can enjoy an unlimited chat with ChatSim. Here you can check step by step guide on how to use WhatsApp without internet data and do free chatting with

ChatSim is developed by Zeromobile, Italy’s Global Mobile Operator. According to Manuel Zanella, CEO, and founder of ChatSim, the company wanted to develop sophisticated SIM card designed for chat apps which will eliminate roaming costs especially for those travelling abroad for various reasons. It has taken continuous efforts of 12 months for his team to do so and is very happy to accomplish this mission. Roaming costs are very high and ChatSim Unlimited has offered a great solution to it. It also offers options that block out unwanted and unintentional traffic.

ChatSim is a SIM available at an unbeatable low price. You just insert it in your smartphone and activate it. You can say it is just not a SIM, but more than that! You can connect to almost anywhere for free! You can have unlimited chat with messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, LINE and much more. With ChatSim, you can connect your smartphone to more than 150 countries across the world. There are more than 250 operators who provide coverage to your smartphone and you get connected to best coverage and signal.

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ChatSim is the first “Instant Messaging Mobile Operator” to provide such services. It takes away the pain of mounting roaming charges and unavailability of internet connectivity. You just have to pay Rs. 950 yearly charge and you can send as many as text messages and emoji as you want. If you want to send photos, videos or even want to make phone calls, you just pay little extra for multimedia recharge, there are different plans available.

How to Use Free WhatsApp with ChatSim

You have to make an initial setting use WhatsApp with ChatSim. It is very easy to make settings.

  1. You just purchase ChatSim SIM card by paying required amount.
  2. You have to get your ChatSim SIM activated. For that, you have to go to the company’s website You provide SIM details such as ChatSim number and 19 or 20 digit SIM card identifier. You will get the necessary details on the card you have purchased. Then you have to provide your personal detail as required. On submitting the details, the SIM will be updated immediately.
  3. You insert the SIM in your smartphone. You have to configure your smart device in order to connect to access point name. There are three types of APNs supported by ChatSim and you have to make a choice depending upon the type of the service you intend to use. services are for normal ChatSim users, chat for ChatSim Plus users who don’t want non-IM protocols and wants to block all of them, apn which is also for ChatSim Plus users but who don’t want to block non-IM apps. For that, they will be charged additional recharge fee.
  4. After doing APN settings, you need to configure your WhatsApp by registering a new WhatsApp profile to your ChatSim number. ChatSim provides you with instructions and guidelines on how to configure and that makes it easy. You will need to send some SMS verification. If during the setting process your SIM is blocked, you will receive an e-mail that will help you with how to unlock it.
  5. Once your WhatsApp is configured properly, you can use WhatsApp for unlimited messages.
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Recommendations to prevent blocking of your ChatSim

  • You must avoid trying to send or receive multimedia messages if you don’t have multimedia recharge, just send or receive text messages and emoji.
  • It is suggested that you deactivate the automatic download of photos and videos in messaging apps.
  • You also disable automatic update of all apps on your device.

Follow the guidelines and set up for WhatsApp messaging app with ChatSim and stay connected to the world with unlimited messages and emotions.

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