Zollipops’ Alina Morse at White House Easter Egg Roll Program and Talent Line-up 2016

This 10-Year-Old ‘Kidpreneur’ Invented the Only Candy to Be Served at This Year’s White House Easter Egg Roll

You will be amazed to know that only the type of candy to be served at the White House on the eve of the Easter Egg Roll is invented by a kid named Alina Morse. The candy named Zollipops is different from regular candy in that it is good for the teeth.

Alia is 10 years old now; she had ideas about Zollipops when she was seven years only. She wanted to have candy that wouldn’t cause teeth decay. She studied contents of some other teeth friendly candies and also talked to dental hygienist to know about healthy ingredients.

The candy contains xylitol and erythritol that helps with neutralize acid in the mouth and thus prevents tooth decay. It is sugar-free and has all natural ingredients.

Zollipops Kid Inventor Healthy Candy
White House Easter Egg Roll 2016

Alina Morse and her younger sisters are invited to the white house for Monday’s Easter Egg Roll to serve the candy. This is a nice effort from the first lady of US to promote healthy eating. They were also invited as guests of the first lady Michelle Obama to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll last year.

Morse has become a kid entrepreneur. She took $7,500 from her grandparents and a little help from her parents and started a business in the year 2014. The business is doing well with sales going up and this year the sale expected to be tripled. She is also working towards the social cause and donates 10% of the profit for bringing oral health education to school.

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You can buy Zollipops on Amazons, at Whole Foods and some regional markets. Now you don’t need to worry about teeth when you pop Zollipops! Just enjoy it.

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