Know How Jennifer Aniston Keep Herself so Fit by ‘Intense’ Workout Routine at Age of 47

Jennifer Aniston’s Workout Routine

All about Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Intense’ Workout Routine Jennifer Aniston has managed to be fit in her 40’s. Jennifer at an age of 47 is so fit that people half of her age even envy her. She recently revealed how she manages to be so fit at this age too by ‘Intense’ workout routine. Aniston gets … Read more

The A4 Waist Challenge: Chinese Girls Measuring Their Waists to A Piece Of Paper

Chinese A4 Waist Challenge a Paper Thin Women

New trend in China Encourages Women to Measure Waists against A4 Paper There is a new trend among Chinese girls and young women becoming viral and bizarre on social media. The latest fad sweeping social media is that their midriffs should be no wider than a piece of A4 paper. It is inspiring women to … Read more

As a New Study Eat Almonds in Regular Diet may Improve Lifelong Health

Almond Health benefits during pregnancy

Eat Almonds for Better Overall Health According to the research, regular intake of almonds in regular diet offers tremendous health benefits. Eating a handful of almonds every day can improve a person’s diet quality which may improve lifelong health, a new study suggests. Almond is considered beneficial for health over the years. To study its … Read more

As a Study Report Weight Loss Surgery for Obese People Aging 35 or More Helps Them Living a Longer Life

Study Report for Weight Loss Surgery

New Study Reports Survival Benefits of Weightloss Surgery After Age 35 Obese people face lots of health problems. These problems increase with increasing age. A recent study shows that if obese people aging 35 or more undergo any kind of weight loss surgery then there is a chance of them living a longer life as … Read more