Study Reveals That Full-Fat Dairy Milk is Better Than Skimmed Milk to Reduces Risk of Diabetes and Lose Weight

STOP Drinking Skim Milk: Full-Fat Dairy ‘Reduces Risk of Diabetes – and Helps You LOSE Weight’

Over the years, we have been advised to drink skimmed milk. But a new scientific study reveals that full-fat dairy milk is better than skimmed milk and less likely to develop diabetes as well as helps you lose your weight.

Legions of dieters and health guidelines have always recommended skimmed milk as it is free from fat. According to the research published in Daily Meal, people who consume full-fat dairy have 46% less risk of diabetes than who takes low-fat milk and other dairy products made from it.

The research is conducted over 15 years on 3,300 adults noting their dairy product intake. From the studies, it is also found that people who consume whole milk and whole milk products are likely to be less obese by 8%.

What Percentage of Fat is in Whole Milk
Full-Fat Dairy Milk is Better Than Skimmed Milk

A separate study was made at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University and Karolinska Institute to find the effects of full-fat and low-fat dairy on obesity. They examined 18,438 women for 11 years. The scientists found that women who consumed the most high-fat dairy products were less likely to develop obese. They also concluded that greater intake of high-fat dairy was associated with less weight gain.

Swedish researcher’s studies also reveal that people with the highest consumption of high-fat dairy products have a 23% less risk of developing diabetes than people who consumes less per day.

The research is preliminary and more research should be carried out if health guidelines are to be changed.

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Milk cream is considered a true health for centuries and provides strength and endurance. It steadies blood sugar for an extended period of time. When your diet has lots of wonderfully saturated fat in it, there are not much ups and downs in insulin level. Blood sugar issues such as diabetes and hypoglycemics arise when you eat low fat.

Whole milk contains saturated fat, whereas skim milk is almost free from it. It is believed that saturated fat can lead to heart disease and as such skimmed milk is preferred. In reality, if you drink skim milk, you miss out on the satiating, blood sugar and insulin steadying effects of saturated fat and so your body automatically craves for sugar and carbohydrate to make up for it. The body can make saturated fat out of sugars. It is better you take whole milk.

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