How did Anant Ambani Loosing Weight with Weight Training, Yoga, Cardio Exercises and Walk

Anant Ambani Stuns Everybody by Loosing 108 kg in 18 Months and How He Achieved It

Anant Ambani, youngest son of Nita and Mukesh Ambani caught everyone’s attention during an IPL match with his drastic weight loss. Anant has lost 108 kg in 18 months and everyone have a question; how did Anant Ambani loosing weight with weight training, yoga, cardio exercises and walk.

Anant had made a determination to fight medically induced obesity around one and half a year back and has come out as a winner. Anant was suffering from chronic asthma and taking medicines for it made him quite obese. He vowed to shed his weight before his 21st birthday and he has done it. Anant has lost around 108 kg in 18 months that is 6 kg a month which is quite healthy as loosing weight very quickly can affect the immune system.

How to Loss Weight Anant Ambani
Anant Ambani

There were rumors that Anant has undergone gastric bypass but Anant has managed to shed kilos in most natural and safest way. He followed a strict diet and exercised 5 to 6 hours daily.

His daily routine included weight training, yoga, high-intensity cardio and functional training. He took adequate amount of fats and protein and took low carbs. Anant uses to walk for 21 km. This is a good form of exercise for the very obese person. It helps to shed initial fat from the body.

Similarly, training with weights helps the development of muscle and also help burn more calories. Yoga, on the other hand, improves overall health along with weight loss. Due to its low intense nature yoga can be performed by the very obese person too.

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How to Reduce 6 kg Weight in 1 Month
Anant with Amir Khan

Functional training helps make joints better, increases flexibility and agility. It strengthens upper body and leg muscle. Intense cardio increases metabolism of the body. It converts one’s body into fat burning machine and body continues to lose weight even when you stop exercising.

Mom, Nita Ambani is extremely happy for his son. He has seen her son working hard to achieve his target of reducing weight. Doctors had warned that reducing weight through natural means will be a very difficult task but Anant through his dedication and determination has achieved it. Nita Ambani says that dedication and determination Anant has shown in fighting the challenge is an inspiration for all including her.

Loosing 108 kg in 18 Months
Anant with Salman Khan

Anant received immense appreciation from celebrities on Twitter. Salman Khan, Dhoni and others appreciated him for his achievement.

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