New Polk Penguin Conservation Centre is Opened at Detroit Zoo: Hours of Operation and Discount Tickets

Penguins in The Swim of Things at New Detroit Zoo Home

New Polk Penguin Conservation Centre is opened at Detroit zoo. It is the zoo’s biggest display and is a home to 83 Rock Hopper, Gentoo, King and Macaroni penguins, all native to the South Pole. You may visit official website to know more details about Polk Penguin Conservation Centre hours of operation and discount tickets.

The stunning new stark white exhibit was opened to media on Wednesday and will open to public on Monday. The Detroit zoo held the march of the penguins by leading them on the caravan to their new home.

A flock of 80 jubilant penguins, clad in tuxedo-esque plummage are inhibited in a place that provides the creatures all the watery thrills and icy chills of Antarctica. According to zoo spokeswoman Patricia Janeway, ever since the penguins have been brought to the zoo, they seem to enjoy their new habitat and porpoise like crazy beings. They play under the water, leaps out of the water and arc back.

Detroit Zoo New Penguinarium
Detroit Zoo New Penguinarium at Detroit Zoo

The new Penguin conservation centre is built at the price of $30 million. The 33,000-square foot, 37-degree chilled penguin habitat is spread across 2 acres that offer a 326,000-gallon indoor ocean for the penguins along with mounds of fallen snow, rock ledges for climbing and soaring ceilings. It is equipped with two acrylic tunnels through which visitors can enjoy watching the lovely birds dive, dart and swoop through the water.

The new Penguin habitat is located at the main entrance to the zoo that features a nearly 360-degree 4-D video display on a descending walkway that takes visitors to the ship. Visitors can feel the wind and the sea mist.

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In order to make the habitat as real as possible, the zoo authorities had the expertise of designers, display teams, architects and a team of scientists who studied thousands of penguins in Antarctica.

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