Meditation to Become Younger: Build a Younger Brain with Relaxation Technique

Meditation is Key to a Youthful Mind – Use Relaxation Technique ‘Have Brains 7 Years Younger’

Though aging is normal and progressive, it is a conditioned response. Mind influences every cell in a body and meditation can help you with slow down of human aging. The brain has amazing plasticity and capacity to grow and change at any stage of life. We can nurture our brain’s power and maintain a youthful mind with a regular practice of meditation.

Meditation is a powerful technique that takes us to a state of the profound state of mind and relaxation. It helps dissolves fatigue and the accumulated stress that accelerates the aging process. When we meditate, breathing slows down, our blood pressure and heart rate decrease and stress hormone levels reduce. Meditation calms and relaxes the mind, and when the mind is stress-free and in a state of restful awareness, the body also feels relaxed. Relaxed and concentrated mind could trigger the growth of brain cells. Regular meditation done in a right way transforms our physical body that leads to decrease our biological age.

Many research and studies have been carried out to study the effect of mind and aging. Recently, research work was carried out to study effects of meditation on aging by Jena University Hospital in Germany and striking results have been found.

Before And After Meditation
Meditation is Key to a Youthful Mind

The research was carried out on two groups having similar age, one comprising of 50 American meditators, and the other group was made of people who didn’t meditate. The researchers scanned brains of them, and data was analysed. The result showed that the non-meditators’ brain age and actual age were the same, whereas the meditators’ brains were younger than their years by almost seven years. These findings indicate that meditation is beneficial for brain preservation and slows the rate of aging.

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Meditation produces chemicals that make you feel good. The study had various types of traditional mediation practices 20 years on average. So it isn’t clear from the studies how beneficial is the meditation practiced over a short period.

One more interesting finding from the studies reveals that meditation is that female is more youthful. The women’s brains are three years younger than the men’s on average, irrespective of whether they meditate or not.

Meditation offers health benefits in numerous ways, from improving the immune system to easing loneliness. Many Celebrities, leaders and successful people across the world practice meditation and enjoy its virtues.

You have to watch out that you practice meditation following proper technique; otherwise it may cause adverse side effects. You must learn it under the guidance and observe stated rules while practicing meditation.

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