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Netflix Caps Video Streams on Wireless Networks

Netflix Throttling the Video Speeds for Most Mobile Users

Netflix Admits it Throttles Video Speeds for Some Customers There were accusations that AT & T and Verizon carriers are throttling the quality of Netflix videos being watched on their network. But the reality is something different! It’s not these carrier providers are playing with the video qualities but Netflix itself was throttling the speed.… Read More

Apple's First Original TV Series Trailer

Apple’s TV Series of Talk Show: First Effort at Original Content

Apple Announces Details of Its ‘First’ Original TV Series Apple announces its first foray into original TV series. For a long time there were speculations that Apple is heading to create its own TV shows and exclusive movies, it is officially confirmed now. Apple is entering the original content arena with a series of the… Read More

Kim Kardashian Real Life Outfits and Photos

Real Life Outfits and Photos of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Biography Kim Kardashian, the highest paid television personality is an American reality television personality, fashion designer, model, actress, an entrepreneur and a socialite. She is a highly sought after name and face for products of popular brands. Here you can see real life outfits and photos of kim kardashian. She is considered as… Read More