An Apple a Day Not Only Keeps Doctor Away but also Reduces Risk of Death by 35 Percent

Eat an Apple Everyday Keeps the Doctor Away and Reduces Risk of Death

We all have heard the old and famous saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This saying is further supported by the recent study. According to the new study eating apples do reduce the risk of dying early by 35 percent.

It was found in the study that women who eat a small apple daily tend to live longer than those who don’t eat it. The research was done by experts from the University of Western Australia. They followed 1456 people aged 70 to 85 for 15 years.

How Many Apples should You Eat a Day?
An Apple a Day Saying

Apple was taken into consideration as it is the common fruit consumed. Dr. Jonathan Hodgson from the University School of Medicine and Pharmacology said apples boost health because of their high level of fibre and flavonoids. He added “It is a fairly large reduction in risk. The message is not to eat apples in preference to other fruits. Apples are a healthy fruit that is contributing to better health and potentially longer life expectancy.”

The skin of the apple is a good source of magnesium, potassium, flavonoids and vitamin C. Flavanoids are said to relax bold vessels and lessen the chance of cardiovascular diseases. According to Dr. Hodgson combination of all above things help to reduce the risk of dying early. He said may be a combination of flavonoids and fibres combine to prevent diseases.

Next time does not peel the skin of the apple and eat rather relish it with the skin to intake the flavonoids.

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