Buy T-Mobile Data-Only Mobile Plans iPhone without Paying for Any Talk Time

T-Mobile to Launch Data-Only Mobile Plans on March 30

With a view to offering customers freedom to use their device the way they want, T-mobile today launched Simple Choice Data Only Plans. With this, customers now have the option to buy data-only mobile plans without paying for any talk time.

There are various monthly plans ranging from 2 GB to 22 GB priced at $20 for 2 GB, $35 for 6 GB, $50 for 10 GB, 14 GB for $65, and 18 GB for $80 and $95 for 22 GB. It includes unlimited text messages. The rates are similar to the T-mobile rate for its tablet users. These plans work only on GSM device.

Data only plan would very useful for the customers who just wants to use wireless services or voIP (voice-over-IP) services such as Skype.

T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile phone service providers and comes up with very innovative products over the years. It provides a wide range of cell phones, tablets and wireless PDAs as well as telecommunication services.

It also offers Binge On video streaming services, on demand frequent device swapping options, unlimited music streaming and WiFi services. T-mobile has about 63 million customers across 12 European countries including the US. It is the world’s fifth largest mobile phone service provider.

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