The New Kindle Oasis Resolution, Specs and Review: Best Buy Price

The New Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s Radical E-Reader Redesign

Amazon unveiled its newest e-reader, Kindle Oasis on Wednesday. It is the lightest and thinnest kindle ever launched by Amazon. It is also Amazon’s most expensive kindle. Check for Oasis resolution, specs, review and Best Buy price.

Kindle Oasis is the most advanced kindle. It is designed radically to make reading the most pleasurable experience. Rather than the flat design on the back, it is raised on one side slightly to make the grip more easy and comfortable. Though the touch screen is of similar size to its previous version, the 4.6-ounce device looks and feels smaller. It is equipped with built-in sensors to detect whether you are holding the device with left or right hand and accordingly automatically rotate the page and turns buttons.

The new kindle has a battery life of two weeks, which is less compared to six-week battery life of its earlier kindle Voyage. The Oasis has extended the battery life in an unusual way. It comes with a protective cover that has a battery inside and recharges the device automatically when plugged in. When the kindle is attached to the case and connected to power supply, both the batteries will get charged. When disconnected, the case battery is first used, before tapping into its internal battery.

How Much is a Kindle Oasis?
Amazon’s Radical E-Reader Redesign

The Oasis cover is available in three colour options: black, brown and dark red. It fits well around the screen and opens like a book. When opened, the device starts.

“Hibernation” button is a new feature added to the Oasis kindle. It puts your kindle into hibernation mode when you are not using it and thus saves power.

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The new kindle is priced at $289.99 for the Wi-Fi enabled device and $359.99 for 3G and Wi-Fi included. You can pre-order the Oasis online. The shipping will start on 27th April.

To come with a new kindle, Amazon did field research. They followed readers around to see how they consume books. The company has a reading lab at its R&D office in Silicon Valley. The lab is equipped with various lighting and seating options. Readers are invited to the reading and Amazon employees observe reading positions and other related aspects.

Amazon says it doesn’t make money by selling kindle themselves. Kindle provides readers e-reading tool. The company makes money by selling 4.4 million e-books on various subjects.

With the most advanced Kindle, readers will love to get out of the way to get lost in the world of books.

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