Sprint’s Amazon Prime Add on Plans: Subscribe on a Monthly Basis, Charges $10.99 per Month

Sprint Offers Amazon Prime One Month at a Time – for a Hefty Price

Sprint is now offering its customers option to subscribe Amazon Prime on a monthly basis. It charges $10.99 month as an add-on to their phone bill.

Amazon Prime provides access to the company’s all music, video streaming and free two-day shipping on the company’s catalogue of products.

It sums up to $132 per year, which seems a hefty price. It is 1/3rd more than the yearly charge of $99. You might be wondering if you should pay more for Amazon Prime for a monthly plan. The offer is good if you are to use it for a short period of time. Actually, the offer provides much flexibility and convenience.

Suppose you want to entertain your kids during a vacation, you can subscribe it for a month or two. It also appeals to consumers who want to take it as a trial period. You don’t have to make long term commitment. A month-to-month option could also be appealing to those customers who can’t afford or don’t want to pay a large sum at a time.

Sprint subscribers to Amazon Prime has to aware of the fact that unlike T-mobile, Sprint doesn’t offer zero rating, it counts on data towards monthly allowances. So if they are to use lots of music and video streaming, it requires a bigger data package. Subscribers with unlimited data plans don’t need to worry about data usage.

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